Dear Rock & Roadians,

We are looking for socially-influential, adventure-seeking Rock & Road alumni to be part of our 2016 Ambassador team. As an Ambassador, you are our feet on the street, our fingers in the digital community and part of the Rock & Road family. By meeting our Ambassador requirements, you'll receive our sweet Ambassador gear and opportunities to run any of the Rock & Road races for free. For every additional relay team that you register, one individual registration will also be provided.


Represent Rock & Road in your local and digital community by:

Hosting info sessions with other Rock & Road Ambassadors

Running in local races wearing Ambassador gear

Running with local running clubs or stores wearing Ambassador Gear

Placing Rock & Road marketing material in stores, gyms, coffee shops, etc (at least 10)

Blogging for the Rock & Road blog

Posting pictures of you running with groups & in races to the Rock & Road online community

Tweeting and posting to Friends of Warner Parks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat socials about your Rock & Road and running experience

Having fun!


Have a Facebook account (the majority of Ambassador info will be posted on Facebook)

Organize info sessions with your local run stores (each ambassador will organize and attend 2)

Be able to run at least 2x a month with stores and clubs

Run 1-2 races prior to October 22nd

Register at least one 4-person relay team

Share/post about the Rock & Road race via social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Creating & updating your own Google doc monthly documenting how you are meeting your responsibilities & requirements and submitting it to Friends of Warner Parks’ Marketing Director by October 14th at

If you'd like an opportunity to be part of the Rock & Road Ambassador team, fill out the form to be considered:

We are accepting applications now! We'll notify everyone by August 22nd, 2016. Thank you!

Best regards,

The Friends of Warner Parks staff

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